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SAP B1 9.2 PL5 Issues affecting TWBS add-ons

12/9/2016 10:18:45 AM Posted by Dennis Tucker

TWBS has recently become aware of two issues that have been introduced in the SAP B1 9.2 PL05 patch release that are affecting our B1 add-on applications.

1.) Add-On connection through the DI – If the License Server name is not specified on the Server Properties screen of the TWBS add-on application, the application was getting that information from SAP through the DI. The format in which that information was provided to us was changed and the provided value can’t be used to connect without modifying it. If your TWBS add-on application has a field for the License Server on the Server Properties screen then filling the value in will resolve the issue. If your TWBS add-on application does not have a field for the License Server on the Server Properties screen then please contact TWBS Support through our Portal and we can assist with a work around until a new release of your add-on application is available that allows for the License Server value entry.

2.) Exiting SAP without disconnecting the add-on – If SAP B1 is closed without first disconnecting the application, this will cause the add-on application to “crash” and prompt the user with a message. To resolve this you can either (a.) disconnect the add-on application prior to closing SAP or (b.) select the “Continue without the add-on” option at the prompt. We have identified how to resolve the issue in our applications and are currently working on releases of our 92 application versions that will handle this.

Dennis Tucker
TWBS Development Manager

  • Important Notice for Credit Card Add-on Users

    5/20/2016 1:20:28 AM Posted by Ross Unger

    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT for our customers using our Credit Card Processing application! If you are using Authorize.net or Cybersource as your Credit Card Gateway, you will need to upgrade the Third Wave Credit Card module before June 30, 2016.  This is because Authorize.net and Cybersource have changed the URL that transactions are transmitted thru for authorization and settlement.   An update to the Third Wave Credit Card module was needed to support the new URL.    You will have to install the version of the Credit Card module before June 30, 2016. 

    ***If you do not install the update, you will not be able to process credit card transactions after June 30th.***

    To download the update, please visit support.twbs.com and enter your company credentials to log in.  Locate the product download button on the top menu bar and then the Credit card processing window and look for the update that matches the version of SAP that you are using.  You will need to download the “Product Version” which is the install file, the release notes, and the “help file”  In the Help file, there will be a user guide which has a section detailing how to update your credit card module.  The section is entitled "Applying Credit Card Updates".  

    If you would like assistance with installing this update, please submit a support ticket at support.twbs.com and someone will schedule a call with you.  If you're on version 88 and using a version lower than 88.3.0,  you may need to call support for help.   Please do not wait until the last minute to install the update or to ask us to install the update for you.   For more information on why Authorize.net and Cybersource made this change, please view This Authorize.net Link.
    For more information about our Add ons, check out our training and informational product videos on our products on the Third Wave Business Systems YouTube Channel.



  • New RMA Functionality Released

    4/1/2016 3:24:49 AM Posted by Ross Unger

    An update to the Third Wave RMA add-on for SAP Business One has been released.  This update provides new functionality to aid in the creation of an RMA document and to provide a link between a source document and the RMA.  This update is only available for SAP Business One v9.x (9.0 and 9.1).


    A new option, "Copy to RMA," is now found in the right-click menu of SAP Business One Sales Order, Delivery, and A/R Invoice documents.  The option is only available for existing documents and only for Items-type documents.  Selecting the option will open the RMA Maintenance form and copy all appropriate information from the source into the RMA.  At the header level the customer code, customer name, customer reference, and salesperson are transferred.  At the row level the item code, item description, quantity, unit price, and tax code are copied.  Discount is not currently captured.  The source document number and line number are also captured.  Note that the source document fields are not currently available for direct entry.  They are only populated via the Copy to RMA function.  The Remarks section of the RMA includes a "Based on ..." comment indicating the source document.


    All rows in the source document are copied to the RMA.  Items not being returned are then deleted from the RMA document.  For batch and serial controlled items the line type in the RMA is set as needed however the appropriate batch or serial number must still be selected.


    Installation of this version will require that the associated database objects be recreated.  This is done via the Server Configuration function under Administration > Setup > TWBS RMA.


    The new version is available for download from the Third Wave support portal at http://support.twbs.com