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Swipe Device Details for CC Processing

4/23/2014 1:36:08 AM Posted by Gopal Viswanathan

Third Wave's PA-DSS certified Credit Card Processing solution offers a wide range of functionality and integration points with SAP Business One to enable you to seamlessly process transactions. One such integration point is the ability use "swipe" hardware devices to acquire credit card details.


Ideal Use Cases:

The ideal use case for this functionality to enable a "lite" point of sale (POS) scenario or a service desk. The intent of this functionality is to simply transfer the credit card details via the hardware swipe device to the Credit Card addon screens. The user then clicks the Authorize/Settle button to execute the transaction with the payment gateway.

This is not meant to serve as a replacement for a "full blown" POS scenario.


Compatible Devices:

Our integration has been designed to support "simple" USB based devices. USB devices cab be further broken down into 2 types:

  • Keyboard Emulator: As the name suggests, these devices simply simulate data entry via the keyboard. Keyboard emulation devices are usually easier to work with than their HID counterparts and work better over remote desktop/terminal server connections. We have used the Magtek Model #PN-21040145  device in our compatibility testing.
  • HID : HID (Human Interface Devices) relies on drivers to communicate the credit card data to our application. Such devices usually do not work over remote desktop/terminal server connections. We have used the Magtek Model #PN-21040140 device to validate compatibility with our solution.


Verify compatibility: Third Wave recommends clients and prospects to verify compatibility of these devices on their test/production environments prior to use. While we do everything we can to test as many scenarios as possible, differences in operating systems, drivers, remote desktop configuration and other factors could impact usage within your organization's environment. Another important reason for validation is if you already have devices you have been using with your current system and would like to continue using the same devices with our solution.

We have created a simple "proof of concept" application to test device compatibility with our solution. Please use the links provided below to download the application and help file.


Helpful Links:

  1. Download Application
  2. Help File

If the devices you use are able to transmit data as outlined in the above help file, your devices will work with our solution.