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Credit Card Add-on Updates

9/10/2015 2:06:59 AM Posted by Gopal Viswanathan

Build 4 for the Third Wave Credit Card add-on has been released.  Several new business process and technical features are being introduced.

The key piece of new functionality in this version applies only to customers on SAP Business One v9.x that use CyberSource as their credit card gateway.  The new functionality extends the handling of certain situations found in CyberSource’s validation of card information.  In some cases it has been found that while the merchant bank will accept a transaction, CyberSource will decline it.  This is known as a "soft decline."  The most common issues have been found to be with address information.

The new functionality allows a user company to specify how “soft decline” situations are handled.  A new table in SAP Business One holds a list of “error” codes that may be returned by CyberSource.  Associated with each CyberSource code is text describing the code, and a Third Wave code that describes how the “error” should be handled.  There are three Third Wave codes that can be used.

An “A” code indicates that the transaction will be automatically accepted and the CyberSource “soft decline” will be ignored.  No user action is required.

An “R” code indicates that the CyberSource “soft decline” recommendation will automatically applied.  In this case a red SAP Business One error message bar is displayed.  A transaction to cancel (reverse) the authorization is automatically sent to CyberSource.  No user interaction is available.  However, it is the user’s responsibility to resolve the issue for the decline.

A “P” code indicates that the user will make the decision as to whether or not the decline should be accepted.  A standard SAP Business One message box is displayed and the user indicates which option is desired.  If the decline option is accepted a transaction to cancel (reverse) the authorization is automatically sent to CyberSource.  If the user wishes to allow the transaction to go forward then the accept option will allow the authorization to stay in place.  Accepting or declining transaction is based on your company’s business rules established to address these situations.

As with previous versions, an audit trail of all interactions with the gateway is maintained.  Some detailed information regarding the “soft decline” transactions is not directly visible through SAP Business One.  However, it is available for analysis by Third Wave support personnel if needed.

In addition to the changes for the CyberSource gateway there are some additional technical changes in the new version.  For this reason Third Wave strongly suggests that our support personnel assist you with the upgrade to the new version.  Also, a new license key for the add-on will be required as the build number has changed.

  • This is the first release on the credit card add-on using Third Wave’s new development framework.  What this means is that a separate DB Server application is no longer required.  The separate DB Server application has been required in all previous versions.  If you choose to do the upgrade on your own we still recommend that you contact Third Wave support to be sure that the old DB Server application gets removed correctly.
  • SQL Server 2014 is supported for SAP Business One v9.1 and higher.
  • The add-on is now supported for the HANA version (9.x) of SAP Business One.

Additional information on this version can be found in the “New Features” section of the User Guide.  The User Guide can be downloaded from the Third Wave support portal.  The User Guide also includes more information on the configuration of the CyberSource “soft decline” mechanism.