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RMA Add-on Updates

9/10/2015 2:09:59 AM Posted by Gopal Viswanathan

An update to the Third Wave RMA add-on for SAP Business One has been released.  This update addresses some specific issues for customers that use RMA for batch and serial tracked items.  The update is available for SAP Business One v8.x and v9.x clients.  An upgrade to both the DB Server and client applications is required to apply this upgrade.

Two specific issues are addressed in this update.  First, some pre-processing that was being done to create lists of batch numbers and serial numbers has been removed.  This allows the RMA form to load more quickly and eliminates some delays that were found when a large number of batch or serial numbers were encountered.

Second, an incorrect item was being brought into the RMA when the same batch or serial number was used on multiple items.  The item and batch/serial number selected in the Choose From list is now brought into the RMA line.

In addition the batch/serial look-up function has been updated so that wildcards can be used to generate the Choose From list.  For example, assume there are batches AA-00001 through AA-00999, batches DX-10001 through DX-10550, and batches TV-50001 through TV-50499.  If the user simply presses <Tab> in the “batch number” field, all batches are displayed.  If the user enters “DX*” and then presses <Tab> only the batches starting with “DX” are displayed.  If the user enters “DX*45*” only the batches DX-10450 through DX-10459 are displayed.  This will help in the selection process if the exact batch/serial number is not known.