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New RMA Functionality Released

4/1/2016 3:24:49 AM Posted by Ross Unger

An update to the Third Wave RMA add-on for SAP Business One has been released.  This update provides new functionality to aid in the creation of an RMA document and to provide a link between a source document and the RMA.  This update is only available for SAP Business One v9.x (9.0 and 9.1).


A new option, "Copy to RMA," is now found in the right-click menu of SAP Business One Sales Order, Delivery, and A/R Invoice documents.  The option is only available for existing documents and only for Items-type documents.  Selecting the option will open the RMA Maintenance form and copy all appropriate information from the source into the RMA.  At the header level the customer code, customer name, customer reference, and salesperson are transferred.  At the row level the item code, item description, quantity, unit price, and tax code are copied.  Discount is not currently captured.  The source document number and line number are also captured.  Note that the source document fields are not currently available for direct entry.  They are only populated via the Copy to RMA function.  The Remarks section of the RMA includes a "Based on ..." comment indicating the source document.


All rows in the source document are copied to the RMA.  Items not being returned are then deleted from the RMA document.  For batch and serial controlled items the line type in the RMA is set as needed however the appropriate batch or serial number must still be selected.


Installation of this version will require that the associated database objects be recreated.  This is done via the Server Configuration function under Administration > Setup > TWBS RMA.


The new version is available for download from the Third Wave support portal at http://support.twbs.com