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TWBS Using SAP Lightweight Deployment for Add-Ons

5/9/2017 3:49:30 AM Posted by Dennis Tucker

As of the recent release of the TWBS Advanced Productivity Pack (APP - Version 92.2.0)/EFT applications, all future major releases of TWBS SAP® B1 add-on applications will only be available for installation through the SAP® Business One Server management of extensions for lightweight deployment method. Use of this method requires that the SAP® Business One System Landscape Directory be installed on the SAP® B1 Server. Release note documents in the download package will clearly identify if the version is one that requires installation by this method. The accompanying user guide installation section has been updated to include install and upgrade instructions that outline the method in detail with accompanying screenshots. If you have any questions regarding the process or the requirements of this installation method, please enter a Service Ticket through our Support Portal.