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What's New in SAP Business One Version 9.0?

6/14/2013 4:09:38 AM Posted by Erin Carrather

SAP is constantly working on improving their business solutions to work more efficiently with your business. They have recently released SAP Business One version 9.0, which adds a great deal of value to your business processes. But what sets 9.0 apart from its predecessors? Below are some select highlights from this new version that will benefit your organization most:


  • Enhancements in Master Data Cleanup Wizard – This feature was enhanced to support data privacy protection for both business partners, business partner contacts, and employee master data. It also gives users the choice to deactivate business partners and employees, with an option to reverse the status at any time.
  • SAP Business One Improvement Program – By participating in the SAP Business One Improvement Program, you have the option to input your feedback to SAP. The application collects diagnostic and usage information about how you use SAP, completely anonymously, and provides them with feedback to better understand your needs and improve product quality.


  • Advanced G/L Account Determination – 9.0 provides a flexible system that is centralized and has inventory G/L account determination capabilities. With this G/L determination, you can assign inventory G/L accounts by item groups, items, warehouses, business partner groups, tax IDs, ship-to countries, ship-to states, or any combination of those.


  • Fixed assets – To manage fixed assets using a fully integrated solution, 9.0 enables you to plan the depreciation of your fixed assets using a new “Straight Line Period Control” method. You can also calculate the depreciation of fixed assets with the monthly base, manage fixed assets-related information in item master data, and purchase and sell your fixed assets. In addition, users can create payments with cash discounts, change the asset class, appreciate a fixed asset, and view the statuses and detailed transactions of your fixed assets based off of two new dynamic reports.
  • Internal Reconciliation – With SAP Business One’s Internal Reconciliation improvements, users can now automatically create conversion difference postings, display system currency balances, and optimize calculation of the unrealized conversion difference through the Conversion Difference report.


  • Cancellation of Sales and Purchasing Documents – in SAP Business One 9.0, you can cancel most sales and purchasing documents that usually trigger postings. As a result, a corresponding cancellation document is created to reverse the associated accounting, tax, and inventory changes.
  • Purchase Request – Initiate an internal purchase process when you create a purchase request document for items or services. Next, you’re able to copy it to a purchase quotation or purchase order.


  • Payment, Check, and Deposit Cancellation Improvements – You are able to cancel incoming payments with deposited checks, cancel deposits partially, cancel deposited checks, and cancel non-deposited checks with automatic journal entries


  • Bin Locations – SAP Business One 9.0 allows you to manage bin locations for your warehouses and enable bin location function for individual warehouses. After enabling the bin location function, you can record bin locations in the warehouses for all receipts and issues of inventory. During the receipt, issue, and transfer of goods, 9.0 allows you to automate the process of allocating goods to and from bin locations. To facilitate the management of bin locations, SAP Business One 9.0 supports the generation, update, and deletion of bin locations in batches. Additionally, you can get an overview of all bin locations and check the inventory statuses and movements in bin locations using select reports.


  • Implementation Center – Business One 9.0 provides a central location for the implementation and configuration of SAP Business One. In the implementation center, you can configure company settings, generate configuration reports, migrate data from legacy systems, copy data between companies, and execute implementation projects, to name a few.

Keep in mind; these are just a few of the many highlights of SAP Business One 9.0. These features will certainly make the Business One solution more dynamic than ever, as well as more user-friendly and customizable. For more information on 9.0 & to discuss these new features in more depth, please contact us!