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What's New in SAP Business One 9.0 Cont.

6/21/2013 4:02:43 AM Posted by Erin Carrather

As we discussed in last week’s blog post, SAP has recently released their most current Business One platform, version 9.0. We also talked about the highlights from this new version that will benefit your organization most. To continue with that conversation, it’s important to touch on a few of the infrastructure, extensibility, and reporting enhancements as well:


  • SAP Business One Setup – Easily check and repair settings and technical connections in SAP Business One and in the integration framework. You can also use this functionality when troubleshooting why some of your SAP Business One functions related to integration are not performing correctly.
  • System Landscape Directory – The System Landscape Directory (SLD), which used to be handled by the license server, is now available authenticated to users. The SLD allows them to manage the entire Business One landscape. Using a Web interface, you can access the SLD from only the SLD-installed machine and can perform actions like the following: add, remove, and edit database servers, manage authentication settings for database servers, view information about the companies on a database server, enable single sign-on functionality, manage encryption keys, and change the SAP Business One site password.
  • 64bit Support – SAP Business One, along with other SAP solutions & add-ons, now supports 64bit processing. This not only enables the use of all of the available memory on a client system for better performance, but also supports much more powerful partner add-ons and integration with other 64bit applications.
  • Security Compliance & Data Privacy – SAP Business One 9.0 supports a standard encryption communication between the license server, complying with global regulatory mandates for data security and privacy.
  • Single Sign-On – Business One 9.0’s single sign-on functionality allows the user to bind an SAP Business One account to a Microsoft Windows domain account in the Administration module. By doing so, you are able to bypass the Choose Company window and start using Business One without being prompted to enter your login credentials.


  • Enhancements in DI API – Several processes/features related to the DI API have gotten enhanced, including: Multiple UoM, Fixed Assets, Price List, Payment and Deposit Cancellation, GL Account Determination, and Cancel Marketing Document. The new services related to these are available in the 9.0 SDK. In addition, the UserFields Attribute, External Reconciliation, and Attachment for Documents functions have gotten enhancements as well.
  • SAP Business One Workflow – The Workflow enables you to define, deploy, and execute new business processes even more effectively in conjunction with the new Workflow Designer and Workflow Engine.
  • Remote Support Platform – The new version of this platform is designed to protect customer’s SAP Business One installation by providing an automated and remote support in a high-volume business.


  • SAP Crystal Reports 2011 – Now you can view Crystal reports and layouts designed by SAP Crystal Reports 2011 in the viewer as well as edit a Crystal report or layout in the SAP Crystal Reports 2011 designer.
  • SAP Crystal Server Integration – With Business One version 9.0, you can upload system and user-defined Crystal reports from SAP Business One to the Crystal Server 2011, preview those uploaded reports from SAP Business One, and view and share the Crystal Server URLs of those uploaded reports in Business One.

After touching on the most important improvements to the newest version of SAP Business One, it’s clear that this robust version will certainly deliver the additional functionality to make it an even more powerful business solution than before. Don’t hesitate to contact us to further discuss how SAP Business One 9.0 would benefit your organization!