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Upgrading From QuickBooks - The Next Steps

10/11/2013 3:47:07 AM Posted by Erin Carrather

You’ve been running off QuickBooks for the past few years now, but as your business continues on a path of growth, you’re starting to notice that QuickBooks is slowing you down. Initially, QuickBooks likely met all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs, but what happens when you start seeing a need for other capabilities as your employee base expands and you gain more and more customers? Chances are, you will realize you require a more powerful accounting solution, one that offers more flexibility and customization options. What are some common signs that QuickBooks is not cutting it for your organization anymore?

  • Loss of control through manual processes and scattered data
  • You don’t know how to tackle expansion
  • You can’t meet customer demand by forecasting and producing product in a timely matter
  • You are struggling with financing supply chain costs or investing in growth
  • Lack of experienced IT professionals

Luckily, SAP Business One is there to fill that void. Business One is the most logical step when considering upgrading from QuickBooks to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a system that encompasses all your crucial business processes. SAP Business One helps you bring sales, financial management, banking, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory management, and customer relationship management all under one flexible, responsive system. In addition, Business One is the top provider of ERP for small to medium enterprises looking to manage their inventory in real-time. As a growing organization struggling to stay profitable, you know how important keeping track of your inventory levels is. In addition to inventory optimization, there are some other important benefits that SAP Business One provides over QuickBooks:

  • Reduction in costs – operational, administrative, inventory
  • Reduction in waste
  • Better utilization of resources
  • Increased Revenue
  • Increased Value to Customers
  • Increased Productivity and Production
  • Increased Visibility and Reduced Risk during Decision Making

Ultimately, cost savings is the most crucial benefit and the number one goal when making the switch from QuickBooks to SAP Business One. The costs associated with tasks like processing customer invoices, matching vendor invoices, making day-to-day payments, reconciliations, reporting, and month end close can all be reduced tremendously with Business One. By gaining insight into what daily business tasks have costs associated with them, you can now take the proactive steps needed to reap the cost savings benefits of SAP Business One.

Contact Third Wave today if you are an organization looking to move away from your QuickBooks solution to something that will improve your efficiency and productivity. We have just the solution for you!