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APP: How to Automate Tasks in B1 using APP Macro Recording Feature

10/22/2013 11:56:57 AM Posted by Gopal Viswanathan

One of the most common requests I have received over the past few months from APP users is for targeted videos that walk users through specific scenarios in APP. To that end, our goal is to release 20 targeted "How To" videos by end of 2013. These video blogs will make it easier for you to accomplish tasks across APP's robust modules - Customizer, Charts/Dashboards & Document Delivery.

The video included below walks you through a common automation implemented in SAP Business One – Launching a Service Call from a Business Partner Screen.  The automation, implemented via APP’s Macro Recording feature automates the following:

  • Launches a service call from the Business Partner (BP) screen
  • Copies data from the BP screen to the Service Call (SC) screen
  • Activates/Clicks the “Activity” tab on the Service Call
  • Activates/Clicks the “Activity” button to launch the Activity screen.

 We plan on releasing several "How To" videos and articles over the next several weeks for all of ThirdWave's products. Please follow us on TwitterLinkedIn & Facebook to receive our latest updates.