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APP:How to Move, Hide & Add Controls

10/22/2013 5:15:01 AM Posted by Gopal Viswanathan

A key use case for APP’s Customizer module is the ability to modify the SAP Business One/Custom add-on screen to suit your specific needs. This functionality relates to moving, hiding or adding new controls on the screen and is usually referred to as “Item Placement.”

The key concept to understand with any item placement scenario is a “Reference Control.” A “Reference Control” is defined as any control on the screen that will be used to anchor the user defined field/ control that is being moved. The control being moved, in addition to using the reference control for positioning, will also inherit properties like Left position, Length, Width & Height.  Following this approach minimizes the number of steps required to align and position the controls at the desired location and allows APP to deliver consistent Item placement results irrespective of screen sizing or SAP Business One font sizes.

Important: Please note that you will be able to make these changes not only on standard SAP screens but also on User Defined Object (UDO) based screens and on 3rd party add-on screens as long as they are created with the SAP Business One API design tools.




The following scenarios are covered in this video:

  • Move a UDF to the main screen
  • Move control positions
  • Hide field(s)/Tab control.
  • Add a custom tab and move fields on this tab



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