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Holiday Rush - Customer Service

12/3/2013 11:57:02 AM Posted by Erin Carrather

Improving your customer service capabilities is the next step in making sure your order to fulfillment process is seamless, especially during the holiday rush. Luckily, having a strong inventory management system makes this relatively simple. Some key ways that your system can help improve your customer service include:

  • Ability to view past orders – by being able to look at the order history of your customer, you can better predict what their buying patterns might be for future orders. This factor makes it easy for you to get in touch with the customer, look back on last year’s holiday order and remind them what the quantity was, and then suggest a plan of action for this year’s order depending on whether or not their needs have changed.
  • Creating follow-up tasks – Once the shipment goes out, and the customer receives it, you have the ability to set up tasks for follow-up in your system. These tasks range from reserving a time slot to calling the customer and making sure they are satisfied with their order to future tasks involving a phone call to discuss future goals and plans with that customer.
  • Keeping notes – You also have the ability to take down notes in the Business Partner screen of SAP Business One. These notes could be a result of the conversation you had with your customer from a task created. It should include essential information that you need to know about the customer, any specific requirements or regulations, etc.
  • Following up on satisfaction – Customer service in general is important because you always want to make sure that your customer has the best possible experience with you. Additionally, it is the final step in the order process that will encourage repeat purchasing. Showing your concern and that you care about their satisfaction makes a world of difference.

These factors are just a small glimpse into why improving your Customer Service capabilities contributes to long-term organization-wide profitability. Not only does it provide a means to drive future sales, but it makes you more competitive during times when you need to be. Contact Third Wave today and learn how you can improve your customer service capabilities!