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Some Cool Features - SAP Business One 9.0

12/9/2013 12:59:05 PM Posted by Erin Carrather

If you haven’t upgraded to SAP Business One 9.0 yet, you’re missing out on a wide range of new features and functionality that will help your business. SAP Business One 9.0 is easier to implement, customize, and extend. The improved integration has extended core functions to a greater industry focus. Below are some key features of SAP Business One 9.0 that we haven’t covered in our previous blogs:


  • Deferred Tax Enablement in Manual Journal Entries – Manage deferred tax in manual journal entries, journal vouchers, posting templates, and recurring postings.
  • Down Payment Request Reconciliation – Manually reconcile, fully or partially, a payment of down payment request with an invoice. In a particular reconciliation, you can reconcile one of many payments of down payment request with one invoice.
  • Intrastat Declaration – This add-on has been merged into the SAP Business One 9.0 core application. It allows you to configure the Instrastat settings of your company, business partners, and items, create output files in required formats (TXT, XML, CSV), and view previously created declarations.

Sales and Purchasing

  • Adjusting Total Freight in Goods Receipt POs Based on AP Reserve Invoices – 9.0 supports adjustment of freight amounts when creating a goods receipt PO based on A/P reserve invoices. The prerequisite for each adjustment is that each freight row has not exceeded the allocated freight charge.
  • Landed Costs Based on A/P Invoice – With SAP Business One 9.0 you can create Landed Costs documents based on an A/P invoice. This new option is mainly relevant in cases where the A/P invoice is not based on a goods receipt PO.


  • Payment Wizard Supports Correction Invoices – You can now include the Correction Invoice document type in the payment wizard


  • Multiple Unit of Measurement (UoM) – The multiple UoM features enable you to sell, purchase, receive, and ship products in any UoM that your business needs and to define default UoMs for various types of transactions. All sales, purchasing, and inventory documents support items with multi-UoM definitions. Some highlights include: unlimited global and product-specific UoMs, Setup of UoM groups used in item master data, marketing documents, and inventory documents, Default sales UoMs, purchasing UoMs, inventory UoMs, and automatic conversion to other applicable UoMs in transaction processing.
  • Price List and Discount Enhancements – The price list and the discount groups functionality has been enhanced to improve efficiency and to support specific business processes. Using the enhanced price function allows you to assign a price list to a business partner group, define prices in multiple currencies for a specific price list or for a special prices list, define prices and special prices for different units of measurement, and define price lists as active or inactive.
  • Inventory Counting – SAP Business One 9.0 provides new capabilities for running a complete inventory counting process. It starts with cycle counting alerts and continues with well-structured tasks and innovative reporting. Some enhancements include: providing documents to record and manage inventory counting and posting, freezing items during inventory counting, counting the exact serial numbers and batches, providing documents to record and manage inventory opening balances, and providing an Inventory Counting Recommendation dashboard report.

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