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Publish Information from a Variety of Data Sources

1/14/2014 4:25:56 AM Posted by Erin Carrather

What if you could publish information from a variety of data sources, not limited to SAP Business OneAPP Portal from Third Wave Business Systems is a tool that enables you to do just so. In addition to SAP Business One, you can publish data from any SQL Server database on the web that can later be consumed by a wide variety of audiences, internal or external to the company. Some internal audiences include sales people and various employees who want to log in and check things like how many vacation days they have left for the remainder of the year. Salespeople can login and check who their customers are, who the contacts of their customers are, phone numbers, orders that have been placed, commissions for the month, and much more. Some external examples are customers and vendors. Customers can login and check their open invoices, status of their orders, and tracking numbers. Vendors are able to check things like what kinds of orders have been placed in past months and what inventory levels are like.

What are some other features of Third Wave’s APP Portal?:

  • Publish – It is easy to publish data on the web, but to do so in a secure fashion that enforces data ownership is very important, yet often challenging. Security ensures that the person logging in has access to the view that is being published.
  • Data Ownership –APP Portal is uniquely able to identify you as the person logging in and therefore displays only the information you should see. The same condition applies to salespeople. When they login, they should only be able to see the customers they’re working with. When viewing commissions, it is crucial that they only see their own information. The same theme carries on for customers. As soon as they login, they should only be seeing their orders and invoices. APP Portal does this in a very easy, flexible fashion.
  • Export Information – You have the option to export any information you can view in APP Portal for further analysis (xml, csv, and xls options).
  • Web-services based – Because APP Portal is web-services based, it is highly scalable. It is also very extensible. One of the advantages of web services is if your customers need to modify anything, you can enable them to do so. Because the product is browser-based, you don’t have to download or install anything. The information is also accessible on mobile or tablet devices, especially benefitting remote employees like salespeople who spend a good amount of time on the road.
  • Charts – In addition to viewing data, you can also view charts in APP Portal. Once you click on the list of customers, you can view all the information you need. You then have the ability to drag items for comparison. Users and administrators can create specific filters to view what they need. By analyzing this information through charts, APP Portal takes visualization to a whole new level.
  • Reference past information – The last key feature of APP Portal is the fact that you have the ability to reference past information at any time. For example, if you inherit a new SAP Business One customer who migrated from another software solution, you have to ability to reference information like past invoices, customer balances, and customer lists through APP Portal.

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