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Credit Card - SAP 8.82 functionality Issue Notice

10/5/2012 3:17:59 AM Posted by Dennis Tucker

Third Wave Business Systems has recently become aware of new functionality for a configuration option in SAP® Business One which can negatively affect the functionality of our Credit Card Processing application on the Payment Means screen. The “Mask Credit Card Number” checkbox (found on the Company Details screen, Basic Initialization tab) now restricts the entry of Credit Card numbers on the Payment Means screen to the last 4 digits of the card number. For existing Business One customers upgrading to version 8.82 from a previous one, this configuration is unchecked and optional. However, if the option is selected and saved, it cannot be reversed. For new Business One customers installing version 8.82 for the first time, this feature will be selected and cannot be changed. Creating a new company in an existing 8.82 installation will also result in the feature being selected and thus cannot be changed.

We are currently working on modifications that will allow the application to function normally even when this configuration option is selected. These modifications will be available shortly both in our new 88.2.3 version of Credit Card Processing (being released the second week of Oct. 2012) and as a patch for the existing 88.2.2 version of Credit Card Processing. For additional information regarding the configuration or for the availability of software updates, please contact the Third Wave Business Systems support department through our website (http://support.twbs.com).

Third Wave  Support Team