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Drive Performance and Growth for Your Company

2/28/2014 4:46:08 AM Posted by Erin Carrather

It’s not unlikely that your growing apparel and footwear organization faces industry-specific challenges that require the ability to manage sales growth, operational efficiency, and maintain financial agility. You need an integrated view of your business, and a solution that can scale and adapt easily to your evolving business needs. SAP Business One and Third Wave Business Systems form a solution that support your core apparel and footwear business processes, including financials, sales and service, procurement, logistics execution, product development, manufacturing, and business analytics.

Here are some features of SAP Business One that enable your apparel and footwear organization to gain a deeper insight into organizational performance:

  • Highly scalable and based on proven technology - Do you currently have a solution that can be configured to quickly meet your needs? Can it evolve as your needs change? If you don’t, you need a solution that features preconfiguration, documentation, and a built-in methodology for quickly deploying integrated business functionality. To optimize your apparel and footwear business, you need a rich, unified, and personalized user environment.
  • Manage sales, products, services, and operations –With SAP Business One, you can manage sales opportunities and marketing plans proactively while simultaneously developing products and services at a rapid rate. Remember, a single, integrated solution supports everything from design engineering and integrated product data management to manufacturing.
  • Improve financial management and business insight – Accelerate financial closes, increase the accuracy of financial reporting, and maintain a set of balanced books reflecting any business dimension. With SAP Business One, you can gain deeper insight into performance and improve your management of internal controls. Gain insight into every aspect of your apparel and footwear business while monitoring performance, identifying inefficiencies, and spotting growth opportunities with ease.
  • Make a cost-effective investment with confidence – Why work with anything less than a solution that reflects the best industry-specific business practices. SAP Business One equips you with the methods of the best-run companies in your industry, along with the flexibility to support your unique practices.
SAP Business One is a powerful solution that gives your apparel and footwear organization an integrated view of your business and easily adapt to meet changing business needs. With the help of Third Wave Business Systems, this solution helps you drive business growth, build and maintain operational excellence, and optimize performance. To discuss more, contact us today!